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BLACKWORK - outsourcing service created to ease the work of the VFX studios and post-production. We help to create computer graphics by taking all the routine black work upon ourselves and so you can focus on creativity:

  • Rotoscope

  • Cleanup

  • Tracking

  • Tech compose

  • Make-up

In these 5 years we participated in the creation of:

  • 30 feature films

  • 14 TV series

  • and more than 100 commercials and music videos

We work exclusively with freelancers, which reduces the cost of the work shift. Our supervisors and producers fully take on communication with the performers, if necessary, replace or search for specialists for non-standard tasks, as well as carry out quality control.

Open vacancies for specialists:


  • Rotopaint artist (Nuke, Mocha)

  • Cleanup artist (Nuke)

  • 3D Tracking/layout artist​​

Send your showreel to